"El Hombre del Millon de Kilometros en Moto"
Enrique Pontolillo

It should be emphasized that all the HD traditional methods are implemented during our process of manufacturing. All elements of our trucks are made of high quality materials accordingly to the HD specification.

And although, we have made a few structural changes, all of them have been designed and constructed
in such a way as to make them invisible from the outside. 
What is more, all the technics have been refined
with great precision to details. 
Each part of the process above mentioned is strictly maintained in order
to build a sidecar 
that conforms as closely as possible to the prototype.

Hereby, our philosophy is to continually strive for customer maximum satisfaction in the products we deliver and the services we provide. But above all else our passion for machines and people who ride them
makes us care more 
about the quality and aesthetics of our products.

Therefore, be sure, that our sidecars will serve your HD motorcycles for many years to come.
We strongly believe that our expertise and continual process improvements make us
the most trusted partner 
on the sidecar construction market.