About Us

We started our journey as Sidecar Replica in 2009. We produce complete sidecars for motorcycles but we also offer the separate parts as a supplements for your projects. We are focused on the traditional technologies. Classic motorcycles have been our passion for many years that's why we strive to make our product as much classic as possible. We know the value of travelling by motorcycle with friends or family so we would like to help you to achieve that. 

Our production is location in Poland. We specialize in the sidecars dedicated to Harley-Davidson motorcycles. Our flagship product is a replica of a sidecar which fits Harley-Davidson bikes produced between 1936 and 1958.

Here is a short story of how the project "HD model UL sidecar" and the company started - told by Wojtek, one of the founder.

As a young man I was fascinated by motorcycles. In the 70's and 80's when I was growing up, Poland was
a country of the Soviet Block and the economic situation practically unabled access to modern motorcycles.
Poland then - as Cuba today - was a museum of vintage vehicles. If you wanted to ride a motorcycle for fairly little money, you had to buy a "junk bike" from the 30's or 40's and fix it to be rideable.
This is a way I took to possession of a motorbike.

In the 80's I met Lukasz who also was fascinated by old motorcycles.
He rode a German bike from the 30's and besides having knowledge of mechanics,
had talent in metal workmanship - fixing or making complete new parts for motorcycles.
His knowledge and skills made of him an authority in the field of restoring old vehicles.

In the 90's my motorcycles fascination became a passion and the collection of old bikes in my garage was growing. Most bikes needed restoration. Around year 2000 I bought in Holland a Harley model UL. Because
I always liked bikes in military version I decided to restore it in US Navy version with a sidecar. I started to
look for a sidecar for my project. Shortly I was aware that it is not an easy task. First of all it is very hard
to find an original sidecar in Europe. Secondly the ones I found had frames in fairly repairable condition but
the gondolas were in very bad shape. Because of this I started to think about making a new gondola for the
sidecar. I discussed the subject with Lukasz and this is how the project started - first gondolas, later complete sidecars.